How to choose children’s cosmetics scientifically

Children’s cosmetics refer to cosmetics for children aged 12 and younger. How to choose children’s cosmetics scientifically is a matter of great concern to parents.

Parents can choose appropriate products in accordance with the needs of children of different ages.

Sunscreen: For newborns, there is less demand for outdoor activities. Infants under the age of six months have delicate skin and a high ratio of body surface area to body weight. Applying sunscreen is more likely to have adverse reactions. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid outdoor activities in direct sunlight (from 10 am to 2 pm every day) and the use of sunscreen products. If the newborns need to go out, help them wear hats and light-colored cotton clothes, and remember to take an umbrella. For infants and young children over six months old to two years old, wearing appropriate clothes is also the major way to prevent sun burn. Sunscreen within SPF10/PA+ can also be used, and cream products are preferred.

Bath and skin care products: the pH value of the skin surface of infants and young children is around 4.0 to 5.9. Existing research shows that maintaining a slightly acidic pH level in skin is important for the development of the skin barrier. Therefore, parents should choose washing and skin care products with a slightly acidic pH level for infants and young children. Frequency and length of bathing for infants and young children should be determined according to personal needs and based on different seasons and the environment. It is generally enough to bathe once a day or every other day, with mild bathing and shampoo products. Within five minutes after bathing, infant moisturizing products should be applied to the whole body, once every 12 hours or as needed. Different moisturizing products should be selected based o