Quality Control

Quality is what Hangzhou Xingwan Pharmaceutical Co Ltd consider most important for our exported products. In order to establish long term relationship with our customer, and to be a long lasting company, Hangzhou Xingwan Pharma. take below measures to improve our quality control system.

  • Set up standard working procedure to ensure the quality of product. We list the factors that might affect the quality of product, and then make plans and set up measures to prevent these factors.
  • Strictly carry out the quality control plan during production & transport procedure. We designate a particular person to take care of each procedure. Product will be released only after the product passed all the test.
  • Check and evaluate the quality control plan. We evaluate our quality control regularly by our own system and by the reply from customer.
  • Collecting different information is helpful to improve our way of work.
  • Take action to improve our quality control system. We have regular meeting to discuss about the new issues that might affect quality of product, and take measures to improve our quality control procedure.