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International Drug Registration Specialist

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for formulating overseas registration plans so that overseas registration work can proceed as planned;;

2. Responsible for cooperating with foreign dealer companies and foreign trade teams to complete overseas registration tasks;

3. Responsible for collecting and organizing declaration conditions according to the requirements of various countries, and assisting foreign trade colleagues in preparing product export registration materials;

4. Responsible for communicating with foreign customers by email, phone, and video, and solving related problems encountered during the import and export process;

5. Understand and master customs laws, regulations and related policies in a timely manner, and provide superior leaders with the basis for import and export decisions;

6. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

Quality Assurance / Quanlity Control

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for tracking all quality problems found in GMP production

2. Responsible for communication and relationship maintenance with customer QA

3. Responsible for daily quality meetings with customers, feedback/solve quality issues

4. Responsible for answering questions and providing solutions within the customer and project team

5. Responsible for tracking the progress of quality affairs related to the project

6. Responsible for accompanying and communicating with customers during on-site audits or visits

International Marketing Manager

1.Be fully responsible for the company’s international marketing department

2.Lead the international business team

3.Formulate and implement international business expansion strategies and tactics

3.Achieve rapid growth of the company’s international marketing business